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What’s your product passion?  

I’m no adrenalin junkie but I do live for adventure. Offshore Fishing, trail running, off roading, three kids. Always pushing and all demanding caffeine! So after being tired of paying good money for weak milky coffee I started roasting my own. Turns out I’m not the only one. We roast big bold classic flavours with a modern twist. Old school coffee was always big but bitter. Modern roasting techniques allow us to go big but keep it super sweet. After years of building big business nothing motivates me more than working with local family business.

What does the Mornington Peninsula mean to you?

Everything! It’s got everything you need, a simply great place to live and work

Favourite place to eat?

I’ve only been once but Ten minutes by tractor was life changing. Local product, service and scenery doesn’t come any better.

Favourite place to drink?

The Dubliner in Mornington. There is no substitute for an Irish pub, and with a name like O’Brien I may be biased

Favourite place to go?

Nothing beats fishing offshore in Bass Strait, total adventure and freedom