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Jason & Andy Quin


ETCH Sparkling


Co founders

What’s your product passion?

ETCH Sparkling is a range of adult, sugar free beverages using Australian native fruits and herbs. We’re passionate about good health, social inclusion and celebrating the incredible native ingredients that we’re lucky enough to have growing here in Australia. Coming from a background of over two decades in the wine industry and noticing the lack of alcohol free, adult beverage options we set about creating ETCH Sparkling to offer choice so that people would have healthy and delicious options when choosing to moderate or not drink alcohol.

Our interest in native edibles was sparked on a bush walk with Lionel Lauch from Living Culture (https://www.livingculture.org.au). Lionel is a Gunditjmara Kirrae Wurrung-bundalung man with a passion for sharing his vast knowledge of bush foods and when Lionel shared his knowledge about the native edibles growing on the Peninsula it opened our eyes to an exciting world that we were unaware of. Walking with Lionel was like walking through a native supermarket, he picked a leaf here and a berry there and explained how indigenous people had used these local foods as medicine and sustenance in their diets for many, many thousands of years. We are so excited to be able to showcase the flavours of some of the wonderful Australian native ingredients growing all around the Country.

ETCH is the acronym for Every time Choose Health. When we refer to ‘health” we are speaking of mental, physical and spiritual health for ourselves, but also the health of our planet by using native Australian fruits and herbs that are sustainably farmed with the health of the environment in mind.

What does the Mornington Peninsula mean to you? 

Andy: I grew up here and cannot imagine living anywhere else.  In my opinion we have the best beaches in the world! We live close to the Mt Martha estuary and Briars conservation park so are very fortunate to have access to some wonderful thriving eco systems with stunning birdlife. Being a passionate foodie, the Peninsula is the perfect place to live as the dining options are endless.  With stunning local winery restaurants, to cosy, intimate cafes the Peninsula has it all. 

Jason: As an outdoors person and a keen runner, I love waking up early on a Sunday morning and running the trails. In all seasons the Peninsula offers something really special.  When the wind is blowing in the right direction I’ll take my windsurfer to one of the local beaches and enjoy a sail out on the the bay.  For me the Peninsula is all about fun activities, natural environment, clean air and healthy living. 

Favourite place to eat?

Now this is a very hard one as we have so many incredible cafes, restaurants and eateries on the Peninsula, but on the weekend after a walk along the Red Hill Rail trail, we love to stop into Merrick's General Wine Store for something delicious for lunch.

Favourite place to drink?

Again, it's is tough to choose with so many amazing choices, although we have one of the best within walking distance from our home in Mt Martha.  Mr Curtis has one of the best views going around.  It’s a great venue to sit on the balcony and watch the world go by.  

Favourite place to go?

There are so many incredible walks and secret spots to visit that often only the locals know about. We love walking along the trails at Greens Bush or along the coastal paths such as Bushrangers Bay. I’d recommend taking a look at https://wildadventuresmelbourne.com and book yourself one of their awesome private or group adventure tours to get a taste of what our stunning backyard has to offer.