Our Suppliers

Crittenden Estate

Crittenden Estate is one of the oldest family owned and operated wineries on the Mornington Peninsula. Established in 1982, the family is passionate about creating quality cool climate wines that represent the region as well as their commitment to minimal input viticulture.

Rollo Crittenden, second generation winemaker, credits the quality of the Crittenden wines with the sustainable management of the vineyard that has been imperative in their processes for the last 15 years, vastly improving the quality of the soil and in turn the quality of the fruit and wine.


With grandma's recipe book and a well tested tomato relish, BatchMade was launched in 2017. Sam Talbot is the 'chief, cook and bottle washer' at this small preserve business, which specialises in using local Mornington Peninsula produce to make their jams, chutneys and pickles.

BatchMade cook in small batches with no added nasties to give you the best tasting condiments to add to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

Cuvee Chocolate

Chocolate are very proud to say that they are the only actual chocolate maker on the Mornington Peninsula.  They make chocolate from scratch – from the cocoa bean.  They make chocolate the traditional way, Stone Ground. It’s a very labour-intensive process, though a labour of love for them!  They roast all their beans in-house, which enables them to create very unique flavour profiles. Their chocolate is full of flavour and complexity. 

All of the cocoa beans they use are organic and 100% traceable. They buy world class cacao beans which enables them to make an excellent chocolate and it all starts here.  They’ve now also launched their gastronomy range for chefs, and are proud to supply some of the best restaurants in Australia.   

Island Pasta Company

Island Pasta Company products are produced and handcrafted in small batches in Mornington, bringing an authentic Italian taste to the Mornington Peninsula. Their aim is to create a traditional Italian food experience that will take you on a culinary journey all the way to Italy. Their pasta is made with Australian sourced semolina flour and goes through Bonze Die Extruders.

Sussanne's Pantry

Sussanne's Pantry started out as a desire to eat well!  Sussanne Palamara struggled to find a muesli that was simple and pure, they all seemed to contain "added sugar", preservatives and dried fruit. An organic process ensued and she came up with her own recipe from quality ingredients that she personally liked and knew were good for her.  

Sussanne prepares each bag herself, by hand, so you are always guaranteed the same great product each time.

Flinders Produce

Established in 2020, Flinders Produce is a small artisan chocolate business based on the Mornington Peninsula. Small batch handmade chocolates are produced incorporating Belgian chocolate, made from 100% sustainably grown cacao, paired with locally sourced ingredients. Understated quality is the cornerstone of this business with a wide range of beautiful chocolate products to choose from.

Red Hill Truffles

Jenny McAuley grows truffle on her farm in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula. The truffle trees were planted in 2005 and the first truffle found in 2010. The farm produces black winter truffle. In 2021 some white truffle “tubur borchii“ was also found under some specially planted pines.

Jenny supplies fresh truffle and a range of 6 truffle products, to restaurants and specialist food outlets on the Mornington Peninsula. Truffles are sold directly to the public through the Farm Gate and Truffle Hunts are run each week during the truffle season. See the website for details and bookings.

Ridge Estate Olive Oil

Ridge Estate Olive Oil has been operating for nearly 20 years, starting in Main Ridge and continuing to be based on the Mornington Peninsula. They’re a small family business intent on providing quality produce and good old-fashioned service. They supply olives and olive oil from a third generation olive farm which produces 40 tons of olives per year and some of the finest award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Australia.

Peninsula Nut Co

Behind Peninsula Nut Co. you’ll find Marcus, Jackie and their two chief nut tasters, Joel and Ben. They’re a family business based in beautiful Mouth Martha on the Mornington Peninsula. They’ve been selling raw nuts and seeds for over 17 years starting in the rolling hills of Gippsland before finding their home on the Peninsula.

Owning a nut business is the perfect match to their passion for eating healthy, wholesome foods. They’ve found nuts and seeds to be the perfect addition for anyone who is health conscious, vegan, dairy intolerant, or who just loves to eat nuts.

That Spirited Lot

That Spirited Lot Distillers began as a wild idea between brothers Jon-Paul (JP) and Chris Willigenburg in 2016. It was a lifelong dream of theirs to work together on a project that captured their love for tastes and flavours and distilling offered a perfect new adventure. Along the way, sisters Sarah and Kate Barton also joined the boys on their crazy ride.

They’re proud to have won many medals locally and internationally for their gins & vodkas. They don’t take any short cuts in their production and while they try to stay true to the fundamentals, they’re also not afraid to take risks and experiment. In addition they also produce a range of mixer syrups (Peninsula BLVD.) and tonic syrups (Tonic X Distillers) using leftover fruit and botanic material so even the most clueless home mixologist can bust out a delicious cocktail.

The Peel Thing

Katie Binder’s commitment to sourcing and supplying local products saw her create The Peel Thing in 2020. A range of delicious dehydrated local citrus, with pineapple also added recently to the range, ‘The Peel Thing’ range is one of a kind and evolves with the seasons available produce, dehydrated at the peak of their season. Enjoy dropping a slice of blood orange into a Negroni, slices of lemon into a baked fish dish, pair with cheese or just simply munch on a slice of pineapple.

Etch Sparkling

ETCH Sparkling is a range of delicious alcohol free, sugar free beverages crafted using sustainably farmed Australian native ingredients. ETCH is a family run, proudly 100% Australian owned Mornington Peninsula business founded by husband and wife team, Jason and Andy Quin. Passionate about the principles of good health and social inclusion, ETCH produce sophisticated, non-alcoholic beverages for dining and social occasions.

Their range of flavours satisfy mouth, feel, flavour and presence, utilising uniquely native Australian plants.  

Il Baronello

IL Baronello is an artisan producer of VinoCotto using time-honoured traditions.  They offer a selection of high quality, gourmet food products, lovingly handmade in Melbourne.  VinoCotto is the star ingredient used in all of their food products that are made in small batches that allows them to focus on capturing all natural flavours and great taste. Their
VinoCotto and Honey Almonds, using Peninsula honey, are highly recognised as favourite condiments to be enjoyed and shared.  

IL Baronello is a family-owned and operated Australian company.

Heirloom Gourmet Foods

Heirloom Gourmet Foods is an Australian born, family-owned company focused on creating timeless, great quality gourmet food products made from ethically sourced, all natural ingredients. Their bespoke range, which is based on timeless recipes from yesteryear but with a twist to appeal to the modern palate, will resonate with flavour pioneers and kitchen bosses alike.

You can find the Heirloom Gourmet Foods range at your local Peninsula butcher, providore and speciality food store or check their website for a full list of stockists.

Tea Culture

Tea Culture is a Melbourne based tea company, providing the Food Service & Independent Retail industries with the highest quality products and service. Established on the Mornington Peninsula in 2020, Tea Culture imports teas from around the world, bringing their loyal customers fresh, high-quality tea on a regular basis. Known for their award-winning Vegan Sticky Chai and diverse range of tea blends, Tea Culture has something to appeal to everyone.

Bass & Flinders Distillery

Bass and Flinders Distillery, proudly the first distillery on the Mornington Peninsula, was founded in 2009 with a passion for adventure and a desire to create a range of high quality, artisanal gins brandies and liqueurs, that truly reflect their home and heritage. At Bass & Flinders they handcraft their grape-based eau de vie spirit from scratch at the distillery, using 100% Victorian wine. They blend traditional techniques with exciting innovations and uniquely Australian flavours. They’re always scouting for unique, native botanicals that capture the essence of our local flora and define our true sense of place. They are the ‘Spirit of the Mornington Peninsula’.

Olieve & Olie

Olieve & Olie began in 2000 when Andy and Jude Steel planted 2000 olive trees on a small property, 50km west of Echuca. With perfect climate and soil conditions, the olive trees flourished and soon after their first harvest, the first batch of olive oil soap was created.

In 2010, Andy & Jude sold their grove and moved to the Mornington Peninsula where Olieve & Olie continued to grow from their home studio in St Andrews Beach. Winning a Gift & Life InStyle Gala Award in 2016 and a finalist in 2017, and then a finalist in the Peninsula Business Awards in 2018, Olieve & Olie is a real 'kitchen to factory' success story.  

Leaping Goat Olive Oil

Leaping Goat Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a small grove, nestled into the slopes of Arthurs Seat on the hills of the Mornington Peninsula.  It is a cool climate oil, with a unique flavour provided by a blend of olives such as Verdale, Corregiola, Nevadillo and Frantoio. Leaping Goat Olive Oil is harvested by family and friends and immediately cold pressed to give a stunning oil that has received numerous gold and silver medals in Australia, Los Angeles and New York. 

Simply Swap Foods

Simply Swap Foods is committed to helping others experience the benefits of an eating style with less sugar and carbs.  Their make-at-home decadent and delicious cakes and porridge contain only nutritious, real food ingredients and are sugar-free/low-carb/keto. No-one has to miss out on their favourite treats when changing to healthier eating, as these products are diabetic friendly, vegan and free from wheat and grains.  All they have done – with time and research – is ‘simply swapped’ some ingredients and it’s their hope to show others just how easy it is and how great you can feel.

Totally Pure Fruits

Totally Pure Fruits was founded in 1995, 20 years after converting to Bio-dynamic farming. Without the use of conventional chemicals and pesticides on the apple orchard the Mock family saw an increase in second grade fruit, which lead to a lot of wasted apples. The family spent many years investigating fruit drying and processing methods to value add, they discovered freeze drying as a gentle method of food preservation, custom built and designed their own unique Freeze Dryer and were up and running 5 years later in early 2000.

Today, Totally Pure Fruits processes over 8 tonne of fruit a week, with their 8 state of the art machines and continuing to grow and expand their knowledge.

Natural Industry

Makers by nature and always searching for natural alternatives, Caitlin and Col always had homemade eco creations on the go at home. From this Natural Industry was born. We are all about slow, small batch, handmade production of eco products that are convenient, look good and are good for the environment. Regularly frequenting markets on our beautiful Mornington Peninsula and beyond we love our local and are passionate about creating products that promote sustainability.

Revolution Coffee Roasters

Life’s too short for boring coffee so Revolution Roasters quit their day jobs and started roasting their own. Whether it’s light, medium or dark roast they don’t do boring – even the decaf!

They’re a local family business living for good coffee with good people and having a damn good time.


FourSticks is the work of pastry chef Shane Thornton, who’s  passion for pastry took him all the way to Paris to work with 2 Michelin star chef Thierry Marx. His philosophy is quality, quality, quality. Use the best available ingredients and take the best care when putting those ingredients together and you will end up with a beautiful product.

Willow + Maple

When they say they’re a small family run business, they mean it! Willow + Maple began in early 2020 in a small candle lab on the Mornington Peninsula. They draw their inspiration from the natural surroundings of the vast coastline that spans from Cape Schanck lighthouse to the beach boxes of Canadian Bay. Coastal waves, sand dunes, forest walks, and inland adventures, all inspire their signature scents. Their goal is creating hand made natural soy candles with as many natural and recyclable products as they can.

Red Gum BBQ

Red Hill residents, Red Gum BBQ is the best Aussie-smoked, American-style BBQ this side of the equator. With a focus on low and slow cooked, authentic Southern BBQ cuisine, their meats are organic, ethically sourced and traditionally smoked for 12-16 hours using native Australian hardwoods in their giant Texas offset steel ‘pits’. They're committed to delivering a delicious and truly southern style American BBQ experience. Red Gum BBQ signature BBQ sauce and rub range are made in-house on Mornington Peninsula from 100% all natural ingredients, and are guaranteed to bring the best of American BBQ direct to your own backyard.

The Garlic Company

The Garlic Company founders just wanted Australian garlic and Australian made Black Garlic, but it was difficult to find, so they started to grow Garlic and Produce Black Garlic themselves.  They found some space in the Mornington Peninsula area and started planting. They’ve got an incredible passion for Garlic and all the wonderful products they can create with it.

Hart's Farm

Hart’s Farm, on Tucks Road, Shoreham, occupies 10 Hectares with Manton’s Creek flowing through. Their farm started its
working life as a dairy though was eventually converted to growing Frantoio, Leccino & Pendolino olives in 2000. These Tuscan varieties make wonderful high polyphenol extra virgin olive oils which have won multiple awards.

In 2010 they embarked on their cider journey. Their first cider was produced in 2014. Hart’s Farm apple cider is made from traditional English and French apple varieties and has won multiple awards. Their ciders are naturally fermented and bottle conditioned in a range of styles.

Fusione Chocolate

Michael has been a professional chef for 25 years. His passion and eagerness to learn has taken him all over the world, working at some of the best restaurants including world number one Noma in Copenhagen. After experiencing masterclasses at Le Cordon Bleu, a love for everything chocolate was born. Following stints across Melbourne, it was time for a change. Michael and his wife Tamara opened their own business called Fusione Chocolates. Michael doing what he does best, creating flavours, with Tamara creating design and colour, it’s a match made in heaven.

Bluebird Trading Co

Welcome to Bluebird Trading Co! They’re a small business on the Mornington Peninsula. Their delicious tea blends support your mind, body and soul.  Crafted by a Naturopath - their health and wellness teas use the highest quality natural organic ingredients. They have ‘a special blend for you’ with a boost of goodness in every sip. So sit down, take some time for yourself and enjoy some of their teas!

Polly's Farm

Based in Shoreham, Polly’s Farm hand crafts premium natural botanical skincare products using traditional methods. Mornington Peninsula grown and produced extra virgin olive oil forms the foundation of the brand’s products alongside pure essential oils and extracts, wildcrafted and organic botanicals, several of which are grown at Polly’s Farm. The result is a range of locally and sustainably made soaps, scrubs, soaks and salves filled with antioxidants and vitamins to provide the ultimate nourishment for our bodies whilst protecting the land from which they’re made.

The Truffet Emporium

The Truffet Emporium is the home of truly artisan, hand crafted cheeses. They seek out the unusual and often forgotten styles and give them a new beginning as well as adding unique twists to classic cheeses.  

As boutique, artisan cheese makers, they pride ourselves on their ever-evolving cheese range which is always the start of the perfect cheese platter or hamper. 

Mumma Made

Mumma Made is Louise Evenden, the creator of the Mornington Peninsula's finest Relishes, Pickles, Jams, Marmlades and Mustards.

 All ingredients are locally sourced and prepared by hand at her kitchen in Dromana. Every item is made in small batches, in keeping with traditional preserving methods. 

Escape Brewing

Escape Brewing launched in late 2021 with the premise of creating a wide range beers for the enjoyment of friends, family, the local community and beyond. Created by Russell (the brewer) & Nicole (everything else!), it is named, not only for the ‘escape’ from the corporate world of its founders, but also for the popular ‘escape’ that the Peninsula is for many Melburnians and others.

Beer styles include pale ales and lagers, through to red IPAs and porters, with ongoing seasonal offerings.